biology, technology and the art of surgery

The Idea

Continuous and dynamic development of medical and technical sciences as well as the increase of patients' awareness are an important reason for the changes taking place in the world of dental implants.

The popularity of ceramic-based implants has been growing steadily. They may not yet be ideal, but they are gaining more and more supporters both among dental implantologists and dental patients.

We are convinced that the upcoming new era in dental implantology will be dominated by metal-free products. Ceramic implants, from the point of view of the aesthetics of prosthetic restorations as well as the local and general reaction of the body to the implant, by far exceed solutions based on titanium and its alloys. Due to the absence of the phenomenon of release of metal ions into the body, ceramic implants provide full biocompatibility and excellent osseointegration.

Based on the biological principles of tissue healing, the latest achievements of material science in the field of ceramics, as well as our extensive and rich clinical experience in dental implantology, we have designed innovative and breakthrough solutions for ceramic implants, which eliminate the weak spots found in the existing products.

We are convinced that OriCera ® implants based on our ideas will soon become the most advanced ceramic implants in the world and will contribute to improving the health and satisfaction of patients.